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Affiliate Program Information

Product Description: Customers will receive an ebook with steps to take in order to build a home from shipping containers plus 15 3D contaner house designs for inspiration.

Potential Sales: $47 (initial) + upsell 1 ($67), upsell 2 ($19), upsell 3 ($47)

Product Analytics: Click here to view
Main Sales Page: www.buildacontainerhome.com
Clickbank Affiliate Link: http://xxxxx.buildacont.hop.clickbank.net (replace the x's with your ID)
Product Price: $49.97
$ Payout: $37.47 (-CB Fees on initial product)
% Payout: 75%

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Affiliate Tips >>

1. If you have collected emails from other green or DIY products be sure to add a promo ad in your email series going to buildingagreenhouseplans.com.

2. Using a review style site increases conversions. Be sure to list our product as #1!

3. Target your PPC campaigns as tight as possible to reduce your CPC.

4. Track your conversions at keyword level! Use software such as Xtreme Conversions if possible.

5. Do not think that Google is the only profitable search engine. There is also MSN, Yahoo, 7 Search + many more!

6. Go natural! PPC is much faster however if your on a tight budget try to get your web site. in the natural listings. Click here to see how to get to the top of MSN quickly.

7. Always split test your PPC ads. To do this you should always have 2 or 3 ads running at the same time. Every couple of weeks check to see what ad has the higher click through rate. Re-write the lower performing ad. Note: A higher click through rate will improve your campaigns quality score which means you will end up paying less per click.

Keywords >>

Below are some example keywords to get you started:

container home
container house
shipping container house
build house container
build house box
diy house container
ship container home

For more keywords we recommened using software such as Keyword Elite.

These keywords may be used for PPC campaigns or your can write keyword rich articles to drive traffic to your list. Be sure to always track what keywords are making you sales. You can use a TID for every keyword (which will take a long time to setup manually) or you can use something like Xtreme Conversions to automatically assign a unique TID for every keyword.

Email Templates >>

>> Download the latest TESTED email series here << (.DOCX)

Or copy & paste each email below.


SUBJECT: [[NAME]], This has to be the coolest thing I’ve see – Green Too!

Hi [[NAME]],

I’ve sent some pretty cool ideas out
over the months, but this has to be one
of the best ideas out there.. And greenest too!

The idea is to build a home from an old
shipping container.  I’ve teamed up with
a fella that goes by the name of Warren Thatcher.

He’s a professional builder by trade.  But,
not your average builder.

You see, he uses old shipping containers to
build exciting and creative homes for a fraction
of the price of building a home using conventional

=> Check out some of his creative designs here

Warren’s been building container homes for the
past 14 years and over that time he’s helped
hundreds of others build their very own
container home.

No he’s really putting his knowledge to the test
because he’s personally invited you to try out
his DIY container home plans.

=> See the plans

Go ahead, take a look at Warren’s plans and
designs.  Some of them are really cool and it’s
hard to believe he’s used old shipping containers
for the foundation.

=> Look at these container homes

All the best,


P.S. If the above links don’t work you
can copy and paste the following
link into your browsers address bar:


P.P.S. Please feel free to forward this
email onto your friends and family!


SUBJECT:  [[Name]], Did you get my email yesterday?


Yesterday I sent an email about Warren’s
container home plans and designs.

Did you see them?

=> These are the designs I was talking about

You might be wondering, “Why on Earth use
an old shipping container to build a home?”


Afford-ability: Building a container home is
extremely cost effective. If you've already looked into
the cost of new or second hand container you
obviously know what I mean.
Design: You can easily modify shipping
container to create a modern sleek look.

Strength: Shipping containers are built
extremely strong with few weak points
making them a great starting point.
Time: Because the majority of the home
is already built you can have a complete
home built in record time.
Unique: Even though container homes are
on the rise they are still unique and will
stand out from every other home.
Green: Recycling an old shipping container
and using it to build with is a great green
idea and many others will see the important
example you're setting. 
As you can see, there are many benefits!

=> Start your dream home here

Containers make the perfect holiday home
for a fraction of the cost of a regular home.

Basically, once you have the container in place,
you’re ready for the fit out!


P.S. If the above links don’t work you
can copy and paste the following
link into your browsers address bar:


P.P.S. Please feel free to forward this
email onto your friends and family!


SUBJECT: [[NAME]]  - Try before you buy?

Hi [[NAME]],

Just a final reminder about Warrens
shipping container plans.

He is offering a full 60 day satisfaction
guarantee on his plans and designs.

So you just need to purchase his
plans from his site.  Then you have
a full 60 days to read and pick at his

Take a full 59 days if you want to.  If
you’re not happy for any reason, just
sent a quick email and he will honor his
guarantee.  No questions and no hassle.

Be quick though, He usually charges a
whopping $247 for his guide but it’s now
only $47 for my subscribers.  So make sure
you get it now before the price goes
back up!

= Get his plans right here.

Remember, you have 60 days to put his
guide to the test and you are also
getting his guide for a huge discount
off the regular price.

=> Last chance, get your copy here.


P.S. If the above links don’t work you
can copy and paste the following
link into your browsers address bar:


P.P.S. If you’re not interested in building a
container home yourself, maybe your friends or
family would be interested? Send them this
email so they can get the same discount!

Articles >>

You may use the below articles to promote our site only. You will achieve better results if you edit the articles to make them unique.


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